Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary Wigham SAL

Ok, so I joined this SAL. I was soooo excited. I promised myself I would not order anymore fabric but would use whatever I have since I have so much fabric. After about a week's delay in going through my stash I find that indeed I don't really have anything appropriate or the right size. I may need to bite the bullet and order the fabric. I am on the fence because I found a huge, beautiful piece of a light blue scrumptious fabric, the right count and plenty of it.
I am also on the fence about wanting to keep it as close to the reproduction. Another part of me wanted to do it in a monochromatic scheme. So... I may do it in the light blue and try to use the same colors called for...OR I will order the fabric and do it in the same exact colors....OR I will do it in reds...OR...maybe in blue with red colors.....OR..... I will go back to working on one of my WIPS while I think some more.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In My Father's House

I forgot to add pictures to my last post. Here is my small progress and a pic of the piece I am working on.

By The Bay Needlearts- In My Father's House

Ok, so I should have been putting in the finishing touches to my mom's Last Supper, but I just could not do it. I really want my stitching time. I have plenty of WIPS. I have made it ok with myself to start something new in my stash. I am truly enjoying this one. Here is what I have done so far. I started this on Monday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally Some Stitching Time

I have been off of school for about two weeks now and am thoroughly enjoying stitching and reading time. Havent stitched at my leisure for so long. I am finishing off my mom's last supper piece. it is getting sooooo boring now, I am struggling to finish. I want to get started on some new stuff and throwing old stuff into a rotation.
I am interested in the Mary Wiggam Sample SAL through, as well a sampler from ( name escapes me now, but will post when I start it) as well as finish my MLI The Teacher piece.
It is so good to read fun books for a change. I am reading one of Anita Shreves books right now, "All She Ever Wanted" cannot put it down and have another one of hers for my next book, plus a Borders gift card my sister gave me last time she came up!