Saturday, November 28, 2009

slow progress

Not much progress but if I follow up with a pic I will keep myself motivated.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Call me Crazy

A new start. Why am I starting and not finishing??? You know... I think I just enjoy the process and I do plan to finish. I just realize that I need an upstairs downstairs project instead of hauling my bag around the way I have been doing. The new start? Mary Wigham Sampler. I have been a part of this SAL on the american SAL as well as the spanish SAL. I have been a member in name only as most folks started in the summer. I planned on doing my on a piece of blue linen.
Frankly my eyes are so tired from all the grad school reading I have to do, that stitching such a large piece on linen right now would have been self defeating. Stitching is about enjoyment and is therapy to me. I finally bit the bullet, let go of the guilt and decided to do it on aida. I started last night and the picture is my progress. i could not decide on the colors. DH suggested I do it in browns... uh i wasnt really feeling that but really appreciating his input. I had selected americana colors ( I have red sofas in my living room and some blue accents in there along with an americana kitchen) Finally I started pulling threads and found DMC 816 alot of them that I had pulled a long time ago cause they match my sofas, Istarted pulling browns and tans that looked great and realized thats what I wanted. In the meantime, Dh calls me from another room and says this is the look I was thinking of. I run in the room with my handfull of floss, he is holding out a magazine with a sweater with those same ccolors in it!!!!! What are the odds of that? it is definitely meant to be!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Stitching

Why in the world would I pull out more stash to stitch when I have so many WIPS???? I had to sift through those very WIPs in order to get to this one. I typically only do smalls or ornaments for Christmas. This is my first "large" one ( not really it looks like a 5x7 and then mounted it will be an 8x10) I got this on sale at Michaels or JoAnns about a year or two ago and promised my mom I would stitch it for her. I just started it about an hour ago. I will see if I can challenge myself to get it done in time for the holidays. I have another one that is larger that I want for me because it is red and gold and my living room is red and gold. I will post a pic later. I cant find my camera cord to upload pics so these pics are with my cell phone and its taking for ever

Update on the Teacher

Here is the little progress I have made on Butternut Road's The Teacher. It is s l o w.... I used to stitch so much years ago. I did modelstitching, personal stitching and gifts, sold pieces etc. Now it takes me forever to make anything! I think this knowledge slows me down in part because I see no progress. I think in the last three years I have completed only 4 pieces. Maybe once I am done with school this will change. Ah well guess I should just enjoy the process.

Monday, November 16, 2009

How To

I was adding myself as a follower on other blogs ( Thanks to my new followers Yohanny and Elisa).Somehow I added myself to my own blog. I thought I had deleted it and then when I looked again I was still there? Anyone have any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
Sorry to my followers for not having posted anything new. I really promise to get better. With school I barely have time to stitch let alone blog. Maybe I can figure out a way to do it on my phone.