Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Stitching

Why in the world would I pull out more stash to stitch when I have so many WIPS???? I had to sift through those very WIPs in order to get to this one. I typically only do smalls or ornaments for Christmas. This is my first "large" one ( not really it looks like a 5x7 and then mounted it will be an 8x10) I got this on sale at Michaels or JoAnns about a year or two ago and promised my mom I would stitch it for her. I just started it about an hour ago. I will see if I can challenge myself to get it done in time for the holidays. I have another one that is larger that I want for me because it is red and gold and my living room is red and gold. I will post a pic later. I cant find my camera cord to upload pics so these pics are with my cell phone and its taking for ever

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Virpi said...

This is going to look really pretty. I'm sure you manage to stitch those WIP's too =)