Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Teacher

All day stitching today!!! Will be working on Mary Wigham and on this WIP: The Teacher by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. She was big in the needlework world for a while there. Now I rarely hear about her. I rarely see any of her pieces on any blogs. Anyone out there stitching any of her work?


Meredith said...

Your work on The Teacher are beautiful! My mom has made me two of her pieces - a bride when I got married and an angel holding a baby when I had my twins. I am working on The Angel of Grace for my oldest daughter, Gracyn. I've been working on it a LONG time!!! Her designs are so intricate and beautiful but I have to have some finishes every now and again ;-) I can't remember whether I have a pic on my blog - if not, I'll try to get one up soon. Have a great weekend and hope you get lots of stitching time! Meredith

Anna W. said...

Thank you so much for your post. I love your daughters name!! I actually mentioned it to my sister in law yesterday (who is pregnant and always looking for baby names)She went in for her ultrasound yesterday.We were expecting to hear if the baby was a boy or girl. Instead we got some news that there may be something wrong.She went shopping afterwards she was so upset and did not want to go home, while out she saw and photographed a pic of a green glass cross with the word Grace on it. At the very same time she sent this to me via text, I was texting her the name Gracyn to see if she liked it. It was so weird that it happend at the same time. She took some comfort in that and really loved the name so... if you dont mind a copycat, there may be a new Gracyn on the West Coast. I looked up that Angel, it may be in my future... Thank you so much. I am going to put this on your blog as I am not sure you will be back on mine to read this.