Thursday, October 7, 2010

A FINISH at long last!!!

I finally decided yesterday that I would do no school work on my day off. The family would have left overs and I was going to plunk in front of the tv and watch all my DVR'd tv shows. It didnt work out exactly as planned but I did get some stitching in and a finish. My very first LHN ornament.
I have also posted two pics of two new items for my stash. One is Drawn Threads' The Marriage of the Minds and the other is Beloved by A Stitchers Hands.

Now I am off to pick out the next ornament to stitch and put some more stitches into my Mary Wigham WIP before I have to stop to start dinner.


Missy said...

Beautiful stitching. I think Diane at LHN has done some of her best work on these Christmas Ornaments this year.

Meredith said...

Beautiful finish!! Congrats!! I have that one in my stash and just love the little bear on it (especially since a bear was seen wondering around our town all summer! yikes!!) Can't wait to see which one you do next! Meredith

Anna W. said...

Thank you Missy. Yes Diane does awesome work! I love her last ornament. I still have a few to order.
Meredith, than you as well. I love the Adirondack type bears. I think I am leaning towards Pear Tree. I cant wait to order Under the Tree I thnk its my favorite!