Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Month, More stitching, pics to follow

Thanksgiving came and went , the extra pounds came ( more on their leaving later :-) We had a quiet one with just the boys this year. That does not mean I did not do loads of cooking. Good thing they all did the clean up! I have been gettting some stitching done here and there on LHN and Mary Wigham.
The end of the semester brings loads of work for me. Trying to balance that with home life, getting ready for Christmas, decorations etc. I have decided to do it little by little this year, maybe start tonight and finish with the tree on Saturday when the college boy comes home to help out.
While I am not the best blogger in the world by far, I am discouraged by the fact that I have so few followers ( I love and am grateful for the ones I have), I dont think I am doing this blogging thing right and that may be the reason why I dont have alot of followers... Maybe perhaps I should do more pics! I welcome any ideas, and you lurkers, leave me a comment or two :-)

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