Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road project

I am finally in the hotel on my way to Oklahoma. The movers came and went and with them my stitching bag with my current project! I was so upset when I realized that. I was so busy with everything else and making sure I had everything set aside for the road trip that I forgot to add the bag to those items even though it was prepped and ready. I was desperate enough to get a kit or something at Michaels. Surprise surprise, one store is phasing out and the other never carried needlework kits. So in my desperate state I managed to buy some idea, some DMC 498 , cheapy scissors and needles and printed off "Hornbooks stitcher" freechart by AMAP. What you see is my hotel project. Can't wait to get to Oklahoma, unpack and get to my stitchy bag!!

1 comment:

LindataxPA said...

Anna - I love your determination to relax with stitching while in the hotel. Enjoy your new project and be safe in your travels until you can catch up with your project bag!

Linda B