Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inventory of WIPs

I have so many WIPS and have made such little progress this year, I thought I would take inventory of everything. I want to finish something so I won't feel guilty when my fabric for Mary Wigham arrives.

This is my Little House neighborhood that does not look very different from when I started. The fabric is way too soft on this one and sort of loopy, but I dont want to start over on another fabric
This is the oldest cross stitch WIP, I am officially done with the men, need to do the back stith which is not alot. The disheartening part is that the stuff on the table does not look like much of anything. I dont know if I made alot of errors and thats why it looks off. Not sure if the backstitching will make the blobs on the tabe look like much. REALLY do not want to frog all of that and start over again. I will feel really great when this is done, washed, framed and gifted! Found only one pic of this online but it is small and cant really make out the details.

My Father''s House, not much progress here either.... :-(

Very Bad pic of Butternut Road( Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum) The Teacher

This is my work in progress on The Teacher. I am actually really enjoying this piece, I love the fabric (not sure if its a jobelan or cashel?) and the pattern is pretty easy to follow.

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